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Kayleigh Wanless Can’t Rent A House Because Landlords Think She’s Involved In Pornography

Kayleigh Wanless, a playboy model, Playboy model claims that she is unable to lease a house as landlords aren’t confident in her. The Newcastle glamour model charges users a monthly fee of $16 to view the X-rated content she has on her adult website. She has also posed for Playboy Model Daily Sport and hosted 2019 UK Glamour Awards. A tense family feud led to her being ordered to repay her aunt’s PS3,100 loan.

Homeless following a messy court saga

The model who is a celebrity claims to be living in her car as she tries to get back on her feet. She claims that online trolls have branded her as a „s ***“ following the case. She’s also unable to rent anywhere because landlords think she’s involved in pornography. She’s asking her followers to make donations on PayPal and Venmo.

The lawsuit filed in California claims Mindgeek the parent company of Pornhub – of human trafficking and racketeering. It also claims that it is guilty of copyright piracy, hacking into the internet in stalking, extortion and blackmail, and blackmailing. The 179-page complaint lists 34 women who were minors when the videos were uploaded. Nicol was one of them and she claims that the videos have left her with a number of mental health issues that include anxiety. She spoke to Sky News she is so anxious that she can’t leave the house for fear someone will recognise her from the videos.

Evidently the ex-boyfriend uploaded explicit films to Pornhub without her knowledge or consent. The Northumberland-born model, who has appeared on Playboy and the Daily Sport, claimed she suffered from extreme psychological and emotional distress. Her life spiralled out of control – she tried suicide and her relationship with her family and friends deteriorated. She claimed that she is so devastated by the incident that she doesn’t want to be in the mirror. She claims that she’s also had difficulty finding a job due to employers‘ concerns about her involvement in pornography.

She claims a lengthy court case has made her unable to find a place to live.

kayleigh wainless Wanless claims that she is unable to get a house because landlords believe she’s a „solisitor“, following an unresolved family dispute over a PS3,100 debt. The Prudhoe High School student who charges her fans $20 a month to view X-rated material on her website, is now facing expulsion after being ordered to pay back money lent to her aunt by her ex. Newcastle Crown Court heard the former stripper owed money to Andrew Flavell’s bouncer ex-boyfriend’s grandmother Donnis Brown for rent on their Tenerife apartment. She told the court that it was nothing to have to do with her despite evidence proving that the money was transferred to her account.

She claims to be a „solisitor“

A model who was branded as a „s ***“ by her sister is fighting to avoid a court order that she pay an ex’s aunt a thousand of pounds. Kayleigh Wanless the Babestation model, has sought out her 54,000 followers via Twitter for assistance in her fight to stop a settlement made by a District Court Judge Michelle Temple.

Donnis Brown, a porn star from Newcastle and who also models and charges Playboy fans PS16 a monthly to view her X-rated porn, was behind in rent on the Tenerife apartment that she shared with Andrew Flavell, her former boyfriend who she had asked for money. The money was never returned and a bitter family dispute resulted, Newcastle Crown Court heard.


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